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Types of Gambling Iceland

Forms of Gambling in Iceland

The only types of games of chance you can play legally in Iceland are lotteries, slot machines, sports betting and bingo. Lottery actually has a long history in the country, the first lottery draw was held all the way back in 1933. Originally, private companies organized it. That changed in 1986 when the Icelandic government took over.

Bingo in Iceland

Bingo is a very popular game amongst players around the world, especially women. Bingo is popular in Iceland too as it is one of the few forms of gambling allowed in the country. Although there are no specific Icelandic bingo laws, it is assumed that it is allowed in Iceland. Players from Iceland can enjoy this fun game online or offline. 토토사이트 Bingo organised by Icelandic companies or individuals must be non-profit and the proceeds must be donated to charity. Iceland Bingo is one of the UK's best bingo sites, offering a variety of 90 and 75 ball bingo rooms, with friendly chat hosts and a great online community.

That is, it is possible to find bingo halls across the country and the authorities have never raised any concern over the organization of bingo events. Watch out for free bingo games and huge jackpots, as well as our great promotions or play on our great selection of instant win and video slots side games such as Starburst and Fluffy Favourites for your chance to win huge cash prizes. However, there are currently no online bingo sites in Iceland, though the offer of bingo rooms targeting Icelanders can easily be found on the internet.

Poker in Iceland

Poker in Iceland is also not legal.

Although there are no specific Icelandic poker laws, the general prohibition on casino games in the country holds for this game as well. Poker is quite possibly the most popular casino game ever created. It’s a competitive, fast paced card game that focuses on strategy, planning and competition. Many would argue that poker is more about skill than luck, because there is no house edge.

For this reason, players often access foreign online poker sites where they can access the largest pools in the world and play with a high level of competitivity. And in fact, in a handful of countries poker is considered a sport not a game of chance. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Iceland. Poker is one of those forms of gambling which are illegal in Iceland. However, foreign online poker sites are not blocked and online players are not prosecuted.

Lottery in Iceland

The lottery was the first form of gambling available in the country. Lottery is the most common form of gambling around the world, It is safe to say that where gambling is legal or semi-legal there is a national lottery. While most of the popular casino games are banned in Iceland like poker, roulette and blackjack, the lottery is still legal (non-profit only).

In 1972, a further loophole was included in Icelandic Law which allowed for pools based sports lotteries to be run. The first such sports lottery was launched five years later, whilst a general state lottery was then introduced in 1986. The reach of these organisations were extended gradually and today, as an amalgamated entity, they offer legalized online sports betting, lotteries and bingo.

Lottó is a non-profit organization. However, people can buy Euro Jackpot lottery tickets (a for-profit EU lottery) and Viking Lotto (Scandinavian for profit lottery) through the Icelandic company.

Popular Sports to Bet on in Iceland

Sports betting is one of the most common and popular forms of gambling out there. It is most popular form of gambling among men worldwide. In Iceland it is one of the few legal forms of gambling (along with the lotteries and bingo, only for charity).

The Icelandic population might be small, but they enjoy a number of sports, and have had successes in different disciplines. The most popular activities include handball, football, ice hockey and weight lifting.

The national lottery, Islensk Getspa, is the main provider of online sports betting in Iceland. As a result of the limited offer, there hasn’t been room for the industry to grow. But as there no reports of prosecution, Icelanders often use foreign online sportsbook sites in Iceland that offer several sports to bet on and considerably higher odds.

Sports betting it is actually legal since 1952. However, due to the fact, that this is entirely non-profit, it hasn’t developed into an industry. Therefore, in Iceland there are actually no brick & mortar bookmakers.

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